Head office: 136 London Road
Support: 00 44 (0)151 7084932
Email: info@afect-gi.co.uk
Head office: 136 London Road
Support: 00 44 (0)151 7084932
Email: info@Afect-gi.co.uk

Product Design and Manufacture

Health Care:

In 2018 we have established a long-term strategic partnership with Coventry Chemicals LTD and AFECT-Gi has become exclusive marketing agent of the products of Coventry Chemicals especially the high-quality hospital disinfectant HYCOLIN in many African countries including Sudan, South Sudan, Chad and Togo.

water Disinfecting Unit

In 2018, our team has designed a water disinfecting plant using high frequency Ultra-Violet radiation which is capable of disinfecting water at a rate of 30 cubic meters per hour in just 3 seconds. This unit can provide clean water for a small village and our aim is to work with local governments and install units of this plant in remote villages with no access to clean water supply from national water network. We are now working with the Government of Togo in building 8 units of this plant and install them in 8 villages in the country with the aim of expanding this project in other countries.

ACT-Gi provides a unique solution to a complex problem of crop losses after harvest. The company provides means of local processing of perishable agricultural products and a technology for disinfection of all cereals against deadly mycotoxins along with a system of microbial control of the ambient air in the warehouses where cereals are stored together with the disinfection of finished products before packaging. Due to a lack of energy in the producing farms, the machines are powered by solar panels, throughout with an option of energy storage to maintain the system in the event of a decrease in solar intensity. This configuration of the machines makes it possible to serve isolated rural farms and offers a certain autonomy.

Product Design and Manufacture

Figure 1:

Dryer key elements: a.- Solar panel. b.- dryer base system. c.- infrared drying chamber. d.- example of tray configuration

Figure 1 illustrates the key elements of the system with the solar panel, a model of the dryer, the infrared drying chamber, and an example of the configuration of the trays in the dryer. The drying chamber is not a classical oven because the chamber is semi-open to circulate the ambient air in the chamber where drying takes place similar to sun process.

AFECT-Gi Multi-Activities LTD is a young dynamic company which was found in 2016 by enthusiastic, innovative and well-educated diaspora in the UK and North America; the majority of our staff are engineers who decided that it is time to share and transfer our gained knowledge and invest back in our countries of origin. The head office was registered in Liverpool, England and other regional offices in many African countries including Togo, Sudan, South Sudan, Chad and Senegal followed, with the aim to expand in other African Countries in future.

Head office:

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